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Vous regardez "branle", une de nos vidéos d'archives. Cette vidéo a une durée de 8 minutes et 29 secondes, elle a été vue par 13 652 autres personnes et possède une note moyenne de 4.00 sur 5 d'après 24 votants.

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  1. Anonyme

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  2. Anonyme

    i fully agree with you. i'm a writer, but it still anonys me when food goes untasted in movies. there's always these tasty meals laid out and everyone just like leaves em there. maybe it's because i have to constantly graze because of my blood sugar, but dammit, those meals need to get eaten! i also hate the way the characters in suspense movies always feel the need to walk down the middle of a street when their lives are in danger, and when the inevitable car comes screaming down the street to run them down, they keep running down the middle of the street instead of turning off it or something. uuuughh!oh, and there's sex scenes, somehow in books and movies the characters always simul-climax. cause that's how sex is you know?i used to hate the scene in a disaster movie when the characters gape at the oncoming doom and run only at the last second, i thought that was unrealistic, but after all of these recent disasters over the past 6 or so years, the survivor accounts almost always include them recalling how they stood and gaped or how the people around them did so. i guess that's one thing the movies/books have got right.

  3. Anonyme

    trop trop floue

  4. Anonyme

    trop floue domage

  5. Anonyme pour filles

  6. Anonyme

    la branlette est surement bonne ...mais la vidéo est dégueulass\"

  7. Anonyme

    bin alors mec, j\'espère que t pas aussi long quand t avec ta partenaire,