jack in the ass sandra romain

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  • Note 3.20/5
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Vous regardez "jack in the ass sandra romain", une de nos vidéos d'archives. Cette vidéo a une durée de 4 minutes et 27 secondes, elle a été vue par 4 915 autres personnes et possède une note moyenne de 3.20 sur 5 d'après 10 votants.

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  1. Anonyme

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  2. Anonyme

    ooo my 1st post:)i'm w/ comment #13..u cant deny what jdc did for r&b and music as a whole. my boy k still got it..cant ndoboy sang like that boy. and looks are irrelevant bcuz the man has crazy talent. but he aint yung no more and his partyin days have caught up w/ him a bit. but the man aint no darn crakhead. i also have seen recent pics of him and he looked mighty good too. the music takes control of him and he gets all crazy and wild lookin..but i have video of him bak in '95 lookin crazy while he sangin. sooo do yo thang boy..thats what i have to say to him.the man cant help that he gets hot when he b sangin k gonna b 65 still rippin his shirt off.he just released a solo cd and i love it!! i highly recommend checkin it out