katie holmes

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  1. Anonyme

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  2. Anonyme

    it's tiff from twit/fb.i have to say, i saw your blog link on twitter and i'm so toucehd by today's writing. it bothers me when people say my tradition for a friend is morbid years after it has happened (2003). i choose to think of it as a small ceremony i have for myself that reminds me of how precious life is. our species ancestors would celebrate the life of a person who changed their world so profoundly and was no longer with them why don't we do it today? some of us do, but i think on a broader scale there are people who just simply are not comfortable with their own mortality and funerals, memorials, ceremonies, etc just stir up feelings they aren't prepared to deal with. but isn't that some of the point? i don't know how your dear ones feel about it, but in my case, my dear one who passed not only taught me a lot about life in his short years, but he will ultimately prepare me for my own death one day, whenever that is and however it comes.i think what you all do in honor of kellie is beautiful and thank you for sharing your story with the world. <3