corruption sexuelle

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Vous regardez "corruption sexuelle", une de nos vidéos d'archives. Cette vidéo a une durée de 55 secondes, elle a été vue par 9 397 autres personnes et possède une note moyenne de 3.78 sur 5 d'après 18 votants.

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  2. Anonyme

    hey julia thanks for stopping by! clueless rlealy is so underrated.i watched 16 candles not too long ago and had a similar response honestly, it didn't turn me off to a long time favorite (kind of like when you realize the little mermaid becomes a different being and leaves everything for a man but you still sing along to part of your world ahem) so much as it made me realize how much acceptable social interaction has changed in the past two decades. in a way, it felt like a little victory we're making some progress!